More About Fame Body

  Our mission is to promote & inspire a healthy lifestyle. Fame Body’s products  are designed to embrace the curvy aesthetic. We encourage self confidence as a mechanism for every woman to become the best version of themselves.

       *Curvy Aesthetic- Embracing the natural shape of every type of woman

Hear From Our Ceo

    "Hi Superstars! I'm Marti'A Peterson, the CEO of Fame Body LLC. I am a  young entrepreneur, a full-time college student at Howard University, aspiring IT analyst, part-time professional dancer, and part-time professional model. Since 13 years old, I have learned many concepts of entrepreneurship by facilitating small businesses over the years. While attending Howard University's School of Business, my passion of be my own boss became more and more profound.

A healthy and fit lifestyle has always been very important to me. At the age of 12, I decided to become a pescatarian. Throughout the early years of my dance career, maintaining my weight or shape was never an issue. As I progressed in womanhood, my metabolism vastly slowed down. With limited time to work out, I tried several waist trainers that would be comfortable and effective for my body. Without research, I ended up wearing corsets and low-quality sweat belts.
Today I am bringing you quality waist trainers, starting with my first collection (the "Flex Snatcher", that are effective for desired goals. For example, the Flex Snatcher provides a breathable and adjustable experience while encouraging stability and good posture. Adjusting your trainer is important for intense workouts. Comfortability has always been an issue for me in my weight loss journey. So, I wanted to offer this to customers seeking comfortability as well.
The Flex Snatcher is 80% Neoprene and 20% Upholstery Fabric. The neoprene fabric promotes weight loss by increasing temperature throughout the abdominal area, causing wearers to sweat more and lose weight. After trying this product, I noticed results immediately. 
I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do. Please be sure to stay updated on our added waist trainer collections, upcoming apparel, fitness wear, and more by adding our socials!
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Twitter handle: @famebody
Contact or directly message us on our socials for any additional questions or concerns.
Please share your journey by sending us selfies and videos! We want to see you shine!
Stay confident, stay resilient, and stay positive!"
-Marti'A Peterson